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Tower of God revolves around a young boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam, who has spent a large portion of his time on earth caught underneath a huge and strange Tower, with only his dear companion, Rachel, to stay by his side. One day, when Rachel enters the Tower, Bam figures out how to open the gate and follows after her, facing difficulties at each floor of this pinnacle as he attempts to locate his only friend.

As the story advances bit by bit, it investigates the legend, history, and inspirations of significant characters and groups that drive or attempt to change the destiny of the tower, for over 10,000 years. Secrets are eventually revealed as the regulars find out about the battles and triumphs of the occupants of the mysterious and often weird tower.


Episode 1: BALL

A young lady named Rachel advises her young friend Bam to disregard her as she is climbing to the top of the tower to see the stars, vanishing into the entryway. Bam, without warning and seemingly out of nowhere, ends up inside the principal floor of the tower, with its overseer Headon. Headon clarifies that all who wish to climb to the top of the tower must go through a progression of tests from each floor, with the first being to reach and break a ball behind a mammoth white steel-shrouded eel. Before he can enter the enclosure in any case, a young lady named Yuri and her partner Evan intrude on him, gifting him a Pocket holding data about the tower that can switch among obvious and undetectable modes, and even permit members to comprehend the tower’s language. Yuri additionally loans Bam an amazing blade known as Black March that can be dull or incredibly sharp depending upon who wields it, communicating interest in him in spite of realizing that her activities may bring about the fury of the higher-ups. Bam, translating the genuine idea of the first floors test as to test whether users are determined to climb the tower or not, leaves allows himself to get eaten so to cut up the eel from within. Be that as it may, as Black March can’t be employed by him, Evan proposes he demand its attention and call out to it, permitting Bam to break the ball and be move to the following floor. To recover her blade, Yuri follows him. On the subsequent floor, Bam is welcomed by 399 other floor contenders, with the following test being a murdering match to trim the number down to 200.


Episode 2: 3/400

Bam reviews how he was amnesiac and in solitude in a dull cavern until Rachel came and dealt with him, including showing him the world and how to be proficient. On the subsequent floor, Bam experiences two different contenders Khun Aguero Agnis and Rak Wraithraiser. Both perceive the Black March because of an image on its grip, which interests Khun significantly and makes Rak resolved to chase Bam down to get more grounded. Khun structures a union with Bam, roping Rak in at last when the following test calls for groups of three to be shaped between members. On the mothership, test manager and Ranker (somebody who has climbed the pinnacle previously) Lero Ro provokes them to withstand his water hindrance, which is shaped utilizing the pinnacle’s capacity known as Shinsu. Everything except Bam, who stays remaining because of his alleged good karma, are pushed back by the Shinsu. As Lero Ro leaves after the test, he cautions Bam not to get excessively near Khun. The victors are taken to another space for the third test. As the gatherings channel in, a secretive blonde figure perceives Khun.


Episode 3: The Correct Door

In the new setting, Khun discloses to a wonderstruck Bam that the “sky” here is an impersonation made by Shinsu demonstrated after the legend, which he questions exists. They meet the executive of the test, Hansung Yu, who moves them to locate the correct entryway out of twelve indistinguishable ones inside 10 minutes given just one possibility, in case they be mightily ended. In spite of the fact that Khun attempts to think, he is coincidentally spooky by his past of being sold out by his stepsister Maria after she was picked to get one of the tip top young ladies, a Princess of Jahad, through his assistance, subsequently banishing the Aguero family also. His mom likewise cautioned him from that point forward to never confide in anybody and shut his heart off. As Khun alarms, Rak pushes open an arbitrary entryway and Hansung uncovers the concealed condition to pass was to open any entryway inside 5 minutes. Lero Ro at that point manages a reward test where cooperation is deliberate, however all who pass it would be naturally conceded authorization to climb the pinnacle. The test includes five rounds where a limit of five groups endeavor to take a crown and stay on the seat for whatever length of time that conceivable, with two different individuals from the group going about as resistance. As the second round starts, Bam feels Black March respond peculiarly as a young lady looking like Rachel shows up.


Episode 4: The Green April

As the second round starts, Khun and a man from another group, Lauroe, reason that the one sitting on the seat is consistently off guard as an ever increasing number of groups battle for the crown. In any case, Khun decays to take part presently as Anaak Jahad, a reptile like young lady, as of now holds the crown, having gigantic force through her weapon Green April, which is a piece of a progression of Ignition Weapon blades known as the 13 Month Series which incorporates Black March. This Series of blades is so amazing it is just offered to the Princesses of Jahad, including Yuri and Anaak, who requests that Bam hand it over. Anaak makes a wager with Bam: if his group can dominate the match she will give him her blade, however on the off chance that not he will offer his to hers, and in the event that he won’t take an interest she will slaughter him and take the blade after the game. As Lauroe’s group fled once again into their lounge area and Anaak’s intruded, they are precluded from the game. Khun pulls a progression of stunts utilizing his cloning sack and acquires the crown first with Bam on the seat. A strange and heartless group gets ready to enter the game, including Rachel, who consents to execute everybody.


Episode 5: The Crown’s Fate

Khun makes endless use of the duplicates of the crown and discharges three different members that he had aligned with during the second round from his unlimited sack. The following round continues with the baffling group entering the game, ending up being very incredible. Bam perceives one of the other candidates to be Rachel and hops to secure her when she is assaulted by a female player, the two getting struck on the head simultaneously and tumbling to the floor. As Bam pledges to secure her, an abnormal blast of Shinsu ejects, causing it to show up as though Bam had transformed into Shinsu itself and readily assaulted the player — something that conflicts with the unprejudiced and outright principles of the tower. The crown game finishes without a victor as the crown is liquefied from the outrageous force discharge and Bam had left the seat during the game. Because of his serious head injury, Bam is admitted to the clinic. Rachel later visits him, where she meets Khun and starts to request some help. In the interim, Lero Ro approaches Hansung scrutinizing his purposes behind having him control this reward round. Hansung alerts that as chairmen, they are available to forestall anybody conceivably risky from asserting the pinnacle’s capacity, with Bam indicated to be one such hazardous individual.


Episode 6: Position Selection

Five days have gone since the crown game. Rachel demands that Khun lie to Bam that she wasn’t there, to prevent the two turning into one another’s burden, in spite of the fact that Khun rapidly observes that she doesn’t generally think about Bam. Anaak takes the Black March, however it will not hear her out. After Bam stirs, Khun enlightens him concerning how Lero Ro appointed them all positions in their groups to begin the fourth test: Fisherman (Close quarter battle), Spear Bearer (Attacking from separation), Lighthouse Bearer (Illuminating the pinnacle and data gathering), Scout (watch the foe’s development and help the Fisherman), and Wave Controller (backing and control the fight with Shinsu). Bam gets the Wave Controller position, a place that uses Shinsu to help colleagues, yet is cautioned by the floor administrator that getting contracts just shackles him. With the end goal for Shinsu to be utilized above cutoff points, contracts must be made with the floor guardians utilizing their Pockets. Everybody buckles down so as to go in their classes. During eating times, Bam meets Endrosi Jahad, a Princess of Jahad in her own correct who names Anaak as an impostor. Khun later discovers that despite the fact that Anaak was as far as anyone knows made a Princess of Jahad subsequent to climbing the pinnacle, she is as of now amidst breezing through the pinnacle’s assessments and records guarantee her to be dead. As a maddened Anaak and Endrosi fight in their group, the current Anaak is uncovered to be the genuine Princess’ little girl whose guardians were murdered by different Princesses, provoking her to enter the tower for vengeance.


Episode 7: Lunch and Tag

Jahad is the only man to have at any point climbed the pinnacle of the tower and become the lord of all who live in it today. Endrosi compares the Princesses of Jahad to sumptuous shoes. When they are given Jahad’s power, it becomes taboo to do certain things, for example, taking part in intercourse and bearing kids to forestall the legacy of Jahad. Their battle closes with both of them falling into a pit and winding up seriously harmed. In the last part of the test, members that bombed their classes (everything except Rak) are required to play a round of tag in a different structure while split into Team A and B individually, with each group’s individuals required to help their own “it” take the an identification from the other group’s “it” or arrive at the objective.

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